The New Driver


Passing your driving test opensĀ  up a whole world of freedom and independence. But new drivers should remember that they are “on probation” for the first 2 years. If they get 6 penalty points in this time, they lose their licence and can only get it back if they pass a re-test. Statistics show that drivers are most at risk of having an accident in the 2 years or so after they pass their test. One in five newly qualified drivers has a collision of some description with a year.


The Older Driver


Older drivers have a wealth of driving experience. They’re also likely to be more tolerant and confident, which can mean they’re safer on the road than other age groups. However as we get older our sight, hearing and reaction times may not be as sharp as they were. Driving itself is also more complex and demanding than it used to be with more traffic on the road and changes to road signage and markings.